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1. When did Eagle Pharmaceuticals become a publicly traded company?

Eagle Pharmaceuticals became a publicly traded company on February 12, 2014.

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2. What exchange does Eagle Pharmaceuticals trade on and what is the company’s symbol?

Eagle Pharmaceuticals trades on the Nasdaq stock exchange with the ticker symbol “EGRX”.

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3. How can I invest in Eagle Pharmaceuticals?

Eagle Pharmaceuticals shares can be purchased from a registered broker or stock purchase service provider of your choice. Shares may not be purchased directly from Eagle Pharmaceuticals.

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4. Does Eagle Pharmaceuticals pay a cash dividend?

No, at this time the company does not pay a cash dividend.

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5. Who are Eagle Pharmaceuticals’ auditors?


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6. What is a transfer agent and who is Eagle Pharmaceuticals’ transfer agent?

A transfer agent is a regulated organization that keeps track of stockholder records and information. Eagle Pharmaceuticals’ transfer agent is American Stock Transfer & Trust Company. Shareholders may contact American Stock Transfer & Trust Company at:

American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
Operations Center
6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219
Shareholder inquiries: (718) 921-8124
Shareholder services: (800) 937-5449
Email shareholder services

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7. Can I obtain a stock certificate to represent my shares?

If you hold your shares through a broker, you should contact that broker to discuss how to transfer your share ownership from that broker into the company’s books and records that are maintained by its transfer agent. We encourage shareholders to hold their shares through the transfer agent in “book entry” form, e.g., without any stock certificate. However, if you wish to receive a stock certificate, the transfer agent can issue one.

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8. When and where is the Eagle Pharmaceuticals Annual Stockholders meeting?

Please refer to the proxy statement that we will publish for information regarding the timing of our Annual Meeting of Stockholders.

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9. Can I attend the Eagle Pharmaceuticals Annual Meeting of Stockholders?

You must be an Eagle Pharmaceuticals stockholder to attend the Annual Meeting of Stockholders. Additional information regarding attendance requirements will be detailed in the annual proxy statement.

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Financial Reporting Information

10. When is the fiscal year end for Eagle Pharmaceuticals?

Eagle Pharmaceuticals’ fiscal year end is December 31st.

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11. Where can I find Eagle Pharmaceuticals’ SEC filings?

All of Eagle Pharmaceuticals’ SEC filings can be found on our SEC filings page, on the SEC's public website at, and at Edgar® Online®.

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12. How can I listen to a webcast of the quarterly and annual earnings call?

Please visit Eagle Pharmaceuticals’ Events & Presentations webpage to access upcoming and archived earnings calls.

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Company Information

13. How do I contact Investor Relations?

You may contact Eagle’s Investor Relations firm, In-Site Communications, by phone at (212) 452-2793 or mail

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14. How can I stay informed about the latest news at Eagle Pharmaceuticals?

Please join our email alert subscription page, click here.

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Investor Contact

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Lisa M. Wilson,

For all other media inquiries, please contact us.